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What is Orange Peel?

Orange peel in relation to paintwork is the texture or finish left behind in the clear coat from a bad or less than average re-spray job. Orange peel looks like bumps or what would look like the surface of an orange on a vehicles paintwork. Unfortunatley we are also seeing this in new vehicles straight from the factory dealerships and it is becoming more common place within the industry. Correcting orange peel can be a real nightmare due to having to wetsand a layer away depending on how bad the orange peel is, sometimes light or minimal orange peel can be polished out using demin polishing pads. Having to wetsand away layers essentially compromises the clearcoat and makes the paint overall soft and more prone to micro marring (faint scratching). Orange peel is best avoided by getting a good paintjob from the word go 🙂

Below video is of a Black Ford Falcon that required a full wetsand to correct orange peel left behind from a below average re-spray:

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