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What is Microfibre?

What is Microfibre and why does it play an important part in the car detailing world? Microfibre is a synthetic fibre that is most commonly composed of a blend of polyester and polyamide. Different types of fibre blends along with weave types and weights allow certain types of microfiber towels to specialise in different roles. Microfibre is used from the decontamination process, to wiping off polish, leveling coatings and more commonly for drying vehicles after washing. 



The most common type of microfibre is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This gives the towel a good balance between product removal like polish or wax and water absorption for when cleaning interiors. Polyester makes up the bulk of the towel because it is cheaper, towels with a higher polyamide content like 70/30 are generally higher quality because polyamide is softer and more water absorbent. 



Microfibre towels are measured in GSM or Grams per square metre. Our most common all purpose towel is 330gsm we believe it is a perfect halfway point between cost, softness and durability. Mostly it comes down to user preference as to the preferred weight of a towel and its purpose.



Microfibre can come in a variety of different weaves such as waffle, terry, twist, pearl and diamond. Most drying towels are a Twist because it adds more surface area to the towel and allows more water absorption, waffle has a crosshatch pattern of high and low spots, glides well, has high absorbance and is great for glass. Pearl and terry are great general purpose towels for interior cleaning and polish removal, the type of towel you reach for mostly comes down to preference and what you find works best in your situation. 



Wash your Microfiber towels in the washing machine on a warm setting, Microfibre is great at trapping dirt and washing in warm water helps to open up the towel and release the dirt out of the fibres, be careful however because high temperatures can also melt microfibre so avoid drying on high heat. Separate your towels for different purposes to avoid cross contamination A general purpose towel loaded with interior dressing can cause your window towels to cause streaks and a wax removal towel loaded with wax can cause your drying towels to become hydrophobic. There are specific microfibre washes available however a basic liquid laundry detergent that doesn’t contain softeners or anything fancy does well on microfibre. We use homebrand detergent and wash hundreds of towels a week in our shop and our microfibre sees a decently long life. 

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