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What is micro marring?

Also known as faint scratching; miro marring is the technical term used by detailers world wide to describe the faint scratches that are inflicted into a vehicles paint work over time by incorrect washing methods or using the dreaded car wash broom 🙁

Miro marring is often not seen by the naked/untrained eye in normal daylight, but can often be seen when sunlight directly hits a vehicles paintwork. It is the most common cause of a vehicles paintwork looking old, faded and just downright dull.

Mirco marring can be fixed via paint correction which can be preformed by any trained detailer; but more importantly micro marring can be avoided by the correct washing methods.

We recommend what is called the 2 bucket system. This is a wash process that involves 2 buckets (a Rinse & Wash bucket).

  1. Pre-rinse the vehicle with a light de-greaser or apc (all purpose cleaner) Gyeon APC or ShowTime Cirtus Cleaner and hose off with either water from a hose or a pressure washer to essentially knock off the top layer or loose dirt and grime.
  2. For heavily soiled front end’s with bugs we recommend Gyeon Bug & Grime
  3. We recommend ‘Foaming’ Gyeon Foam or ShowTime Snow Foam which is using a snow foam through a foam cannon Mint Snow Foam Hose Gun or Mint Snow Foam Lance to then pre-wash the vehicle; at this stage you can take a soft detailing brush and agitate the soft window rubbers and other nooks and crannies. Mint Detailing Brush Kit
  4. Then using a nice mirofibre/noodle wash mitt dunk this into the wash bucket with your car shampoo and wash a panel/then place the mitt into the rinse bucket to minimise dirt transfer. Gyeon Smoothie
  5. Repeat this process for each panel
  6. Rinse the vehicle throughly and then dry with a microfibre or silk drying towel. Gyeon Silk Drying Towel Medium


Links to mentioned products:

Gyeon APC – https://showtimeautocare.com.au/product/gyeon-q2m-apc-1l/

ShowTime Cirtus Cleaner – https://showtimeautocare.com.au/product/showtime-auto-care-citrus-cleaner-1l/

Gyeon Bug & Grime – https://showtimeautocare.com.au/product/gyeon-q2m-bug-grime-remover-400ml/

Gyeon Foam – https://showtimeautocare.com.au/product/gyeon-q2m-foam-1l/

ShowTime Snow Foam – https://showtimeautocare.com.au/product/showtime-auto-care-snowfoam-4l/

Mint Snow Foam Hose Gun

Mint Snow Foam Lance

Mint Detailing Brush Kit

Gyeon Smoothie – https://showtimeautocare.com.au/product/gyeon-q2m-smoothie/

Gyeon Silk Drying Towel Medium – https://showtimeautocare.com.au/product/gyeon-q2m-silk-drying-towel-medium/

For further information on what micro marring specifcally is take a look at the below video by ESOTERIC:

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