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What is iron fallout?

Iron Fallout is iron particles caused by griding overspray, often affecting vehicles paintwork via leaving little rough rust like spots all over the paintwork (this can cause major rust issues if left unresolved for long periods of time). Usually a vehicle that is often parked in an industrial area will suffer from iron fallout. We recommend doing a full decontamination wash of your vehicle at least once a year to remove iron fallout; this can be removed via an iron fallout remover (Gyeon Q2m Iron) followed via a clay bar/block (Gyeon Q2m Clay Mild or Course) and clay lube (Gyeon Q2m Clay Lube). Usually after completing a iron fallout decontamination treatment on your vehicle you may want to polish the vehicles paintwork, as using a clay bar even with a clay lube can cause faint scratching in the vehicles paintwork. We highly recommend following up an iron fallout treatment with at least a light cut and polish to bring back clarity and gloss in the paintwork.

An iron fallout decontamination wash starts with just a general wash of the vehicle, then spraying Gyeon Q2m Iron on the paintwork whilst wet. Be careful of chrome and other metal surfaces as any iron fallout remover may have an adverse reaction. Gyeon Q2m Iron can be seen working as the vehicle will start to turn purple (this is the iron being attacked or lifted by the iron fallout remover) wait no longer than 5 minutes for the reaction to happen and then throughly rinse the vehicle. We would then clay the vehilce with the clay bar and lube; to double check you have removed all iron off your vehicles paintwork you can use Gyeon Q2m Iron again and if you have missed any iron it will turn purple.

The main benefit of using an iron fallout remover before claying a vehcile is that it will remove a good amount of the iron for you, making it easier to clay the vehicle. Sometimes with well maintained vehicles you wont even have to use a clay bar or lube, the iron fallout remover will get all of the iron for you; which in turn means no lighlty inflicted scratches from the clay bar 🙂

Gyeon Q2m Iron – https://showtimeautocare.com.au/product/gyeon-q2m-iron/

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