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how to remove waterspots

What is a water spot?

What is a water spot? As we move into summer and despite Mackay winning Australia’s best tap water award, we have noted an increase in complaints from customers about water spots on vehicles. These unsightly white stains are mineral deposits such as calcium and magnesium left behind after water has dried.


The best way to prevent them from occurring is by washing in the shade and drying immediately with a quality drying towel or air blower. Unfortunately sometimes stuff happens and a vehicle can get sprayed with water, usually from careless neighbours or public space gardeners, usually they can be removed fairly easily when fresh by simply washing the car like normal, if left to bake onto the paintwork a mild acid can be used to dissolve the mineral such as 50/50 vinegar and water or an off the shelf waterspot remover such as Gyeon Waterspot.


If left for a considerable amount of time and allowed to heat cycle in the sun all day they can begin to etch the paintwork and cause a fair amount of damage that can only be repaired through heavy paint correction or repainting. 


Moral of the story? Keep up with regular maintenance use a quality car shampoo and do not let hard water dry of your vehicle.



Billy & Natasha

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