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Showtime Auto Care Tar and Glue Remover 1L



Used to remove tar deposits and sticker adhesives from paintwork. Spray directly onto affected area or into microfibre towel and allow to dwell. Adhesives will begin to soften, and tar will start to break down. Lightly agitate to remove. Additional applications may be required for stubborn contaminants. Rinse with water to remove residue.

Ready to use

In emergency contact poisons information centre phone: 131 126

Contains Liquid Hydrocarbons 1000g/l UN 3295 PK Group III Class 3 Hazchem 3Y Poisons Schedule S6

First aid Procedure:


Do no induce vomiting, rinse mouth with water, give plenty of water to drink, if vomiting occurs give more water, seek medical assistance.

Eye Contact:

Immediately irrigate with water for at least 15min, eyelids to be held open.

Skin Contact:

Wash with water, remove contaminated clothing and wash before re-use if irritation occurs seed medical advice


Remove victim from exposure to fresh air allow to assume comfortable position and rest until recovered, seek medical advice.


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