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How we clean windows

One of the most commonly asked questions we see on detailing related forums is how to achieve streak-free windows and what’s the best product to use. We believe it is more of a technique issue than a product issue. Here is how we clean windows.


Microfibre Selection

We use 3 Microfibre towels to clean glass, one Waffleweave towel, one Short knap Microfibre towel and one Glass towel. I don’t think the type of towel is so important, but I use different types to differentiate which is my number one, two, three etc. 

I start with the Waffleweave and apply a liberal amount of glass cleaner to a corner of the towel and start cleaning the window, using the corner of the towel to get tight into the edges of the glass and work in a methodical manner so no areas are missed. The glass cleaner begins to break down any grease and grime on the glass so working quickly before the cleaner starts to flash off I use the short Knap microfibre towel to scoop up the grease into the fibres of the towel. I then follow up with the dry glass towel and buff to a nice streak-free finish.

It is important to work methodically to avoid any missed areas, also take care not to contaminate your clean towels by washing your hands before use, don’t drop them and don’t let them lay on any greasy or dressed surfaces. 

We also recommend washing them separately to any other microfibre towels to avoid any cross-contamination. 

Glass Cleaning Chemicals

Gyeon Glass

Any quality brand automotive glass cleaner that is ammonia-free and safe on tint will do the job, if the glass is not too greasy you could also use distilled water or 50/50 mixed with isopropyl alcohol

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